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Get Rewards During FIFA Mobile Saint Patrick’s Day

To honor Saint Patrick’s Day, FIFA Mobile has prepared an event that gives users the chance to acquire special items and to work as a team in community challenges. During this event, players will notice that four tokens can be obtained. Green coins, lucky leaves, Celtic knots and four leaf clover are special holiday themed tokens. Players have two ways of acquiring them. The tokens can be found in holiday packs. The other way to obtain these tokens is to take part in exclusive Saint Patrick’s Day live events. There are a number of things that can be done with these FIFA Mobile tokens. Players can use them for upgrades or to gain access to more holiday related content. It’s also possible to use tokens to obtain other tokens. A clover token is acquired when exchanging four lucky leaves.

Four FIFA Mobile players have been selected to become the stars of the Saint Patrick’s Day. Berardi, Ceballos, Dembele and Gnarby can become emerald players. The selection criterion is the green color of the clubs they were representing. These four FIFA Mobile players can be upgraded using event tokens. Players can check out the upgrade plan and what other requirements are needed to upgrade these four. Each footballer might have individual upgrade requirements. Coleman was selected to be this year’s Luck O’ the Irish player. He can be acquired in exchange for 10 Celtic Knots. Coleman has an upgrade plan as well. By completing his plan, players unlock a better version of him with a higher OVR.

Seven community challenges await players during the seven days long celebration. If all these tasks are successfully completed, FIFA Mobile players gain access to extra event themed content. The seven challenges are progressively unlocked. The difficulty also scales so the last ones will be more challenging to complete but will also have much better rewards. Players are encouraged to follow FIFA Mobile on Twitter to check out what challenge is currently unlocked. The support team also reminds players that all holiday rewards should be claimed until the end of the event. All rewards including tokens and players cannot be acquired on the FIFA Mobile transfer market.